Relaunch of AStandUpLife

For many of us, September is a time to start fresh and try new things.  It’s in the air.  You can feel it. Maybe it’s seeing all of the college students come back to Vermont.  Or hearing the noise of them walking home from the bars at 2am. (Is this what getting older is like?) Anyway, to add […]

The One Change That Will Change Everything

In order to have a successful comedy show, you only need a few things:  a stage, a spotlight, a microphone, and an attentive crowd expecting comedy. You’d be amazed by how hard it becomes to be successful, telling the same jokes, if the setup is lacking one of those things. You’d also be amazed by how often I’ve been […]


The Highly Affordable Travel Guide to Puerto Rico

  Tourism is called an industry for a reason. As a tourist you’re perhaps the purest financial donor to a country there is. You take no money out of the local economy, only you put money in. You are essentially a walking donor. A sunburned, oddly-accented donor. The locals are nice to you because you […]

Jean Kilbourne on Real Rebellion

While laying on a beach in Costa Rica, I read a remarkable book called “Can’t Buy My Love: How Advertising Shapes the Way We Think and Feel.” In it, author and speaker Jean Kilbourne traces the extensive efforts of the tobacco industry to make their product appealing to their consumers. Not to adults. To adolescents. […]