Today I Spoke In Prison

Colin writes… After being told to remove anything of value from your pockets and putting them in a locker, a tattooed security guard walks you through the metal detector and through the first remotely-opened security door. The guard’s name is Dave, and he’s been working at the correctional facility for just over 10 years. We […]

How to Help Your Future Self

Colin writes… I’ve finally figured out what makes me truly happy, and it’s a lot simpler than I would have guessed. It’s this: the freedom to work hard every day at building things that help other people happy. Passion + discipline + connection = happiness. Whenever I feel foolish for taking so long to figure […]

On Being KIND

Lindsey writes…  So I was Wikipedia-ing the word “kindness” when Colin came by and remarked “You know, that’s also something a villain in a movie would do.” And that’s what life with a comedian is like. So where was I? Oh yes. The definition… Wikipedia defines kindness as “a behavior marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition, and […]

We All Have a Comparison Monster

Lindsey writes: For the past seven years, I’ve been practicing yoga. You would think I would finally learn to stop comparing my version of a pose to other people’s. After all, I’m there to be with my MY inner light, not watch someone else’s outward abilities.  But every so often, I will still find myself wishing I could be as well […]