They started talking in the middle of a comedy show and have never stopped.

Colin was performing on stage, and trying to figure out how he knew the attractive face in the front row. In the middle of a yoga pose, he realized he'd seen her at the yoga studio that inspired him to write that joke. In the middle of his act, he acknowledged to Lindsey how busted he was.  The crowd loved it and so began their story.

Colin is a motivational speaker who uses stand-up comedy to connect students to subjects they might not otherwise engage in: personal finance, positive self-image, mental heath, and facing the future with confidence.  More about Colin Ryan >>

Lindsey is an accountability and career coach helping her clients get unstuck and moving forward.  She also consults on workforce development projects nationally.  More about Lindsey Lathrop-Ryan >>


A Stand Up Life represents Colin and Lindsey's different yet wildly-complementary skills: the ability to inspire people to dream up bigger lives for themselves, and the guidance to take the steps necessary to make that dream a reality.