The Most Interesting Thing About You

Do you ever feel like too much of your time is spent worrying about being interesting to other people? I might pretend I don’t when I’m listening to someone else, but I’m definitely thinking about it. While I’m talking to them, there’s a script running in my head saying, “Am I being interesting enough? Am […]

I quit! How to leave with grace

  While this would be satisfying, it’s safe to say this isn’t an example of quitting with grace.  Last weekend I had the opportunity to speak with sophomores at Champlain College during a great career event called the Sophomore Symposium.  I *really* wish there had been something like this when I was in college!  Students got […]

Relaunch of AStandUpLife

For many of us, September is a time to start fresh and try new things.  It’s in the air.  You can feel it. Maybe it’s seeing all of the college students come back to Vermont.  Or hearing the noise of them walking home from the bars at 2am. (Is this what getting older is like?) Anyway, to add […]

The One Change That Will Change Everything

In order to have a successful comedy show, you only need a few things:  a stage, a spotlight, a microphone, and an attentive crowd expecting comedy. You’d be amazed by how hard it becomes to be successful, telling the same jokes, if the setup is lacking one of those things. You’d also be amazed by how often I’ve been […]