The Productivity Secret in Every Pringles Can

I walked in the door to find my girlfriend scrubbing the counter furiously. She looked at me and arched an eyebrow. “I clean one surface and then I have to clean them all. It’s a slippery slope.” “So what you’re saying is that your slippery slope is a clean surface.” It was an amusing moment, […]

How Much Should You Borrow For College?

College is a huge decision, and the argument “because you have to go to college” is no longer good enough to be accepted without figuring out the best approach for you, individually. Here’s why. (Brace yourself.) According to CNN Money, the national average debt for a graduating college senior is $26,600. That’s a $300 monthly […]

Making Moments Into Milestones

We all have moments where we’re faced with the challenge to step up. In our work. In our relationships. In our quest to be a better version of ourselves. And we often feel the temptation to ignore these challenges, to hide behind our distractions, or our doubts. We can ignore these challenges if we want […]