Chart: New Year’s Resolutions (& Their Success Rate)

Last year I resolved to floss every day. One year and 9 days later, I’m still doing it. What I learned was this: we don’t need to reinvent our whole lives – we just need a next step.   (Click image for full size)

Your New Year’s Revolution

“I can’t change,” is a sentiment felt far too often by far too many. Yet, on the first of the year, most people allow themselves a little hope. “This will be the year. I’m really going to change. I’m going to lose that weight, or read that stack of books, or get out of debt, […]

The Secret of Happiness

“We have within us the capacity to manufacture the very commodity we are constantly chasing.” “The pleasant life, the good life, the meaningful life, deals with human qualities. With love and kindess. With patience. With openness. With unconditional compassion. It comes from having original ideas that have value. And moral imagination. From knowing what […]