“A storytelling comic comparable to Mike Birbiglia, Colin Ryan’s stories about getting in and out of uncomfortable social situations are both wince-inducing and hysterical.”

Comedian, Motivational Speaker, and Author

Colin Ryan has traveled across the country empowering students and adults to write better stories with their lives... by overcoming fear and self-doubt, learning from failure, and mastering their relationship to money.

Growing up the child of a painful divorce, from a young age Colin struggled with blaming himself, lack of self-confidence, and what psychologists call the impostor syndrome… But Colin discovered what he thought were weaknesses were in fact the strengths that would allow him to connect and inspire others.

Colin is passionate about sharing powerful skills and telling entertaining stories that can help anyone identify, and ultimately live, the life they’ve always wanted.

In 2012 he was nationally recognized as one of the top 10 youth financial literacy presenters in the U.S. He uses comedy to speak on the subjects of Leadership, Bullying Prevention, Financial Literacy, and Mental Health.


Financial Literacy, Overcoming Fear, Finding your Inner Leader

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Elevator Pitches & Presentation Overhauls: Group & One-on-One

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Benefit Shows & Events

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“We had our first seminar last night since your training and it went very well! The added touches of our personal stories and the new, stronger visuals created a more relaxed atmosphere, and got us 9 requests for follow-up appointments! The audience even clapped at the end, which I have never seen before!”

Annie | New England Federal Credit Union Mortgage Processing Team