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Coaching for yourself.

Training for your organization.

And the accountability to get you there!

As a coach, I partner with individuals who want to move their careers and businesses forward and be held accountable to take action.

As a consultant, I specialize in helping businesses and schools create effective job shadow and internship programs for young people to gain professional career skills.

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I would absolutely recommend Lindsey to anyone who needs to get UNSTUCK and move forward with who they know they want to be, but just need a little hand holding, encouragement, and advice." 

Lindsey helps me stay focused on the things I want to make happen in my business, and acts as a sounding board to filter out the ideas that probably aren’t worth my time."

I had been wanting to create an online newsletter for a few years but I could never get it together to make it happen.  I talked to Lindsey about it and she made the whole thing seem much more achievable, gave advice on software to use, and helped me set goals that I could actually reach.  Now, I have a regular monthly newsletter going, and Lindsey patiently helps me to stick to a regular timeline of newsletter posting."


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