Want the best of Colin and Lindsey in one workshop? You’re in luck!  

They facilitate workshops together.

Do you ever have trouble talking about money with your partner?

Just 12 percent of people said they have the same spending habits as their partner. But you can learn how to talk without the tension. Communicating about money is an incredible opportunity to invest in your relationship, fund your goals, and even learn how you tick.

Come hear from Colin, a stand-up comedian who specializes in finance, and Lindsey, an accountability and career coach, how a healthier relationship to money can strengthen your relationship to each other.

You will leave knowing more about:

  • your own relationship to money, and your partner’s
  • how to say what goes unsaid
  • how to make small money decisions that lead to big results

This is for couples at any stage in their relationship. Come find out how to change talking about money from a barrier into a bridge.